Web Filters

During the Covid-19 outbreak children are spending a lot more time in front of screens. It’s really important to keep devices safe so that children don’t end up viewing inappropriate material chas v’sholom.

Currently the best filters are:

  • GenTech – Supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
  • Meshimer – Supports Windows, Android and iOS
  • Netspark – Supports Android and Windows.
  • Techloq – Works for Windows

To get help with installing filters you can contact TAG. See here for a list of offices. You can also find out more about the latest solutions at http://tagflatbush.com.

You can also submit your info at https://guardyoureyes.com/protection and a filter company or TAG will call you back.

For ideas for free filters that you can install at least as a temporary solution, click here.

GuardYourEyes is also running a special Chizuk email series during the Coronavirus crisis which you can receive by email or whatsapp. Sign up at https://guardyoureyes.com.